Terms & Conditions

Payment Options

Credit Card: Is accepted for online bookings and phone bookings.

Payment Type: Cash or VISA accepted on arrival. NO Diners Cards or American Express Cards accepted.

Cheques: Will only be accepted if received more than 4 weeks prior to arrival.  If sending a cheque or money order, please record your full name, postal address, phone number and reservation number on the reverse side.

General terms

Craig’s Caravan Park does not accept bookings from persons under the age of 18 years of age. All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult such as a parent or guardian. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation where this condition is not met.

Subletting of Accommodation

Accommodation/sites are provided to the booking party for the guest(s) as named on the booking. Accommodation must not be sublet or resold by the booking party for commercial gain without our prior written consent. Genuine group bookings are not affected.

Risk Warning

Park management wishes to warn all persons who engage in any activity for recreation, enjoyment, leisure or relaxation on or near the park, that the pursuit of such activities involves the risk of harm or serious personal injury including death, drowning, head, eye or spinal injury, paralysis, broken limbs or strains. Prior to undertaking any such activity, all occupants, guests or other persons should ensure and be satisfied that they are aware of all risks involved, including those risks associated with any pre-existing health condition. Such activities and facilities are varied and may include: playgrounds, playground equipment and jumping pillows; swimming pools, water slides, water parks and water activities; bicycle riding, pedal carts, skateboards and scooters; operation of vehicles, plant and equipment; sporting and children’s activities; exercise and gym equipment; interaction with wildlife, waterways, water courses and dams; trips, falls and collisions including interaction with other guests and their property; walking or running over uneven surfaces and grounds, tiled surfaces and wet areas which may result in slips, trips or falls; walking in unlit / poorly lit areas which may require a person to provide and carry a torch or other form of lighting; activities (including camping) with exposure to the natural environment (flora & fauna) including the risk of falling tree limbs. All persons who engage in recreational activities do so at their own risk. Children and infants must be supervised by an adult at all times. By entering the Park, it is accepted that all activities including recreational activities are not free of risk and that park management is not liable for any loss, damage or injury arising from such activities. On entry, it is also agreed that park management, owners, employees or agents are indemnified against all claims for injury, loss, damage or theft of property.
Playgrounds: Use of playground equipment may result in serious personal injury including death, head, eye or spinal injury, paralysis, broken limbs or strains. Risks include falls and collisions with other users and hazards associated with gaps, openings and protruding objects.

Jumping Pillows: Use of jumping pillows may result in serious personal injury including death, head, eye or spinal injury, paralysis, broken limbs or strains. Flips, somersaults and inverted manoeuvres are dangerous and prohibited. Other risks include falls and collisions with other users. Not to be used when wet.
Swimming pools and water activities: Use of swimming pools, water slides, water parks and associated facilities may result in serious personal injury including death, drowning, head, eye or spinal injury, paralysis, broken limbs, strains or lacerations. Flips, somersaults and inverted manoeuvres into the water are dangerous and prohibited. Other risks include diving head first, slips, trips, falls, running on wet surfaces and not providing adequate supervision to children.

User Generated Content Policy

By using Craig’s Caravan Park specific approval hashtag “Craig’sCaravanPark” in your Social Media content or comments, you agree that Craig’s Caravan Park:

  • can use the content on its websites, apps, email, social media and other forums, including but not limited to for promotional purposes;
  • can use your name, image, social media handle and other publicly available biographic material in conjunction with your image and associated content;
  • has a non-exclusive, royalty-free approval to use, reproduce, modify, publish and publicly display the content through any of our social media accounts, websites or digital platforms; and
  • is released from any liability for use of the image and/or content to the extent permitted by law.
    You also agree and confirm you:
  • are at least 18 years old or if under 18 have permission from a parent or guardian;
  • own and control the copyright and or interest in the image and content, and it does not infringe any patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property of another;
  • have complied with all laws and regulations associated with acquiring and/or producing the content;
  • acknowledge statements, remarks or claims by you reflect your honest views and experiences;
  • will not make available any material that includes an image or personal information of another person unless you have their consent;
  • have disclosed any commercial connections or interests you have with Craig’s Caravan Park or third-party brands or sellers (i.e. you are an employee, paid blogger or recipient of free products or services);
  • will not be paid by Craig’s Caravan Park for use of your content; and
  • will contact Craig’s Caravan Park if you no longer approve your image or content to be published by Craig’s Caravan Park, by contacting us.

Pet Policy

Our Policy

Pets are only permitted on sites but never in cabins. Please contact the park directly for further details and to book.

  • Pet Bookings are to be made with the park and are not bookable online.
  • Approval for your pet to stay at the park is at the park manager’s discretion.
  • You must register your pet at check-in and provide the park with the signed waiver and pet’s registration certificate. Arrival with additional pets or different pets on check in may result in the booking not being honoured and forfeiture of all monies paid.
  • Please note that pets may not be allowed during peak seasons for safety reasons. Please call in advance to ensure you and your pet are eligible to stay at the park during your desired holiday time.
  • Pets must be healthy and free of parasites e.g. worms and fleas.
  • Pets must be kept on a lead at all times while within the park.
  • Pets must be supervised by you at all times while in the park.
  • No pets are permitted in or around cabins at any time unless stated otherwise.
  • Pets are not permitted in the communal areas (including reception, camp kitchen, amenities, BBQ areas etc.) for health and safety reasons.
  • Do not use the communal laundry facilities, including sinks, to wash your pet or its bedding.
  • To ensure the right to quiet enjoyment is maintained for all guests please restrict excessive noise.
  • Please make sure you clean up after your pet. Mess must be cleaned up immediately and disposed of in the appropriate bins.
  • No pet is to be left unattended including in caravans, tents or trailers at any time.
  • If the park manager reasonably considers that you have not complied with this policy or your pet acts in any way considered to be aggressive, dangerous or destructive, park managers reserve the right to ask you to vacate the park and terminate your stay, in which case you will not be entitled to any refund of monies paid.
  • You are at all times responsible for the management of your pet while within the park.

Assistance Animals policy

Our policy

Assistance Animals are welcome at our park. If you intend to be accompanied by an Assistance Animal, please let us know at the time of booking or prior to your arrival.
We acknowledge that Assistance Animals are not pets and have a right to access all public places, even if pets are not usually permitted there.
We may ask you for evidence that your animal qualifies as an Assistance Animal. Examples of acceptable evidence include state-based accreditation or evidence of training by a recognised training organisation. Other forms of evidence may also be accepted.
If you are unable to produce acceptable evidence, your animal may not be considered an Assistance Animal and will be subject to Our Pet Policy.
Your Assistance Animal must always remain under your control (or the control of someone else on your behalf). This means that the Assistance Animal must respond to commands even if not under direct physical control.
You will not be charged extra cleaning fees or administration fees because you are accompanied by an Assistance Animal. However, you will be responsible for any damage to property caused by your Assistance Animal that is beyond fair wear and tear.
We may refuse entry to your Assistance Animal if we reasonably suspect that it has an infectious disease and it is reasonably necessary to exclude them to protect public health or the health of other animals.
If you have any questions or would like to let us know that you will be accompanied by an Assistance Animal, please contact the park directly by email or telephone.