Activities & Sights

Heritage listed buildings, museums that retell Australia’s history, Tenterfield has so much to see and do.

Climb the amazing granite outcrops of Bald Rock National Park and Giraween National Park.  Then when you’re looking to refuel and recharge, experience the food and wine that is unique to the region.  Within a short drive, you will discover vineyards and orchards that showcase the stone fruits and wines that the area is rich with.  Break your journey with a coffee, and relax at the Aloomba Lavender Farm.

Bald Rock Sign-min

Bald Rock

Rising 260m above the surrounding bushland, Bald Rock is the largest exposed granite rock in Australia.  At close to 1300m above sea level this is Tenterfield’s ‘top of the world’ experience.

Garden 1-min

Jubilee Park

With an ornate historical rotunda as its centrepiece, Jubilee Park is a great place for a walk along the river, or a pleasant spot to take your lunch while you enjoy the plentiful birds in the trees.  The park offers a large covered children’s playground, picnic and barbecue facilities, toilet amenities, loads of shade and grassy places to sit or play a game.

By the steps to the rotunda is a foundation stone that was laid on the 22nd November, 1921 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the Municipality of Tenterfield.

Park 4-min

MillBrook Park

Milbrook Park is one of the most picturesque parks in Tenterfield, featuring landscaped gardens, avenues of trees, picnic tables and benches.  During Autumn, the park is spectacularly filled with hues of red, gold and orange.


Mt Kenzie Lookout

Mount Mackenzie provides great views of Tenterfield (and Craigs Caravan Park!) and the surrounding mountain ranges.  A short drive through beautiful farmland and countryside offers views of some of the granite outcrops that can be seen throughout the region.

Railway Museum 2-min

Train Museum

First opened in 1886, the original Tenterfield railway station is an almost intact representation of something that was common throughout NSW.